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GRADE 9s — Welcome!

Please read the following for information you need to know to start Grade 9.

The first day of school is Tuesday, September 3rd and we start at 8:30 a.m.

Welcome to high school and the promise of a fantastic year at Glendale Secondary School!  My name is Barry Smith and I am excited to be your Principal.  I, too, am new to Glendale this year – so we are both going to be learning the ropes together!  I hope that you are having a terrific summer and are ready to join us for the Grade 9 Orientation on Thursday, August 29 at 10:30 a.m. in the Cafeteria where you can pick up your timetable, get your locker information and get familiar with the school for your start on Tuesday, September 3rd!

Our administrative team has changed this year!  I am very fortunate to be working alongside two amazing Vice-Principals–Mrs. Baillie and, also new/returning to Glendale, Mr. Vacca.

I want to offer you a few pieces of information that will help your start up at Glendale:

Timetables: Timetables will be distributed on Thursday, August 29th during the Grade 9 Orientation Meet & Greet.  You are invited to attend and pick up your schedule (see enclosed flyer).  Please be aware that every effort was made to give you your first choices for classes (especially electives) but unfortunately, not all students were able to get their requested courses.  Due to limited course offerings, full classes and timetable restrictions, timetable changes may not necessarily be fulfilled as requested.  Please note that the drop and add time period for course changes ends on Friday, September 13th.  You must have a parent permission form completed and signed in order for this change to occur (providing there is room in the class).  Any questions can be forwarded to the appropriate Guidance Counsellor (assigned by last name).

A-K–Mr. Ireland                                      sireland@hwdsb.on.ca

L-Z–Ms. Miminas                                   kmiminas@hwdsb.on.ca

ELL students–Ms. Hewitt                    mhewitt@hwdsb.on.ca

Student Success–Mr. Vandersteen     cvanders@hwdsb.on.ca

Digital Tools and Media Consent: Parents, please ensure that both of these enclosed forms are completed, signed and submitted for either the Grade 9 Orientation Meet & Greet on Aug 29 or to your student’s homeroom teacher by Friday, September 6th.  Ipads will be issued to students once these forms have been submitted.

Current Health and Emergency Information: Parents, please be sure and let us know of any of your child’s health concerns or special needs of which we should be aware. We also need to be kept informed of changes in address, phone numbers (home, work, cell), and emergency contacts as these change. A copy of your student’s Information Verification Form is enclosed with their timetable. Please make any revisions and have this form returned to the school by Friday, September 6th. Please have your son or daughter return these forms to the main office.

Calendar: Please visit our website: www.hwdsb.on.ca/glendale to access our Calendar and find out about all the wonderful opportunities offered to your student. Clubs, sports, volunteer opportunities and staff lists are all on this site!

ABPA students:  Welcome to HWDSB’s Audition-Based Program of the Arts at Glendale!  New Grade 9 students can meet with Mr. Borsc during the Grade 9 Orientation Meet & Greet on Thursday, August 29th.  If you are unable to make this day, please see Mr. Borsc at lunch in the auditorium on the first day of school.  Keep in mind the location may change as the school may still be under construction in certain areas–an announcement will be made on the first day of school in the event the location changes.  You can also email Mr. P. Borsc with any questions at pborsc@hwdsb.on.ca.

 Glendale’s Policies and Procedures: There are many policies both Board and Ministry that govern the operation of a secondary school. Glendale’s policies and procedures will be available on our website (see above) prior to the start of our school year. These policies and procedures will also be reviewed and explained to each student during our assemblies during the first week of school.

At Glendale we are aligned to the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board’s strategic direction to support all of our student’s well-being and to support high academic achievement for all students. Our goal is to have all Grade 9 students earn eight credits during their first year of secondary school.  Regular attendance at school and getting involved in all aspects of school life will help support reaching this goal.

Safe Arrival: With SafeArrival, families report a student absence in one of three ways: 

  1. Use the SafeArrival website, go.schoolmessenger.ca. The first time you use the website, select:
    1. Sign Up to create your account.
    2. Select Attendance then;
    3. Report an Absence. 


  1. Using your mobile device, download and install the SchoolMessenger app from the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store (or from links at go.schoolmessenger.ca). The first time you use the app, select:
    1. Sign Up to create your account
    2. Select Attendance then;
    3. Report an Absence. 


  1. Call toll-free 1-844-506-4350 to report an absence using the automated phone system. Using this method does not require setting up an account. These options are available 24 hours/day, seven days a week. You can report a future absence any time.


Please note: As always, parents are expected to report absences as soon as possible – and then you will not receive notification about unexplained absences. Calls for unexplained absences will be made home after 6 pm. If you have questions, please speak with our office staff. You can find more resources on SafeArrival at bit.ly/safearrivalHWDSB.

If you have any questions or concerns around the upcoming school year, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at Glendale. Guidance Counsellors and School Administration will be in the school during the last week of August.  Moreover, we post all information related to our school on our website.

From time to time, we communicate through a telephone messaging system called School Messenger. Our goal is to keep you informed of all activities and events occurring at Glendale.

Our first School Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday Sept 17 @ 7pm. The location of this meeting will be posted on our website during the first week of school. All parents and guardians are welcome to attend.

On behalf of all of us at Glendale, we hope you have an enjoyable few weeks prior to the start of a great school year. See you on September 3rd!


Updated on Tuesday, August 27, 2019.
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