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Apprenticeships, Trades, College, University, OYAP and Scholarships

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College & University-Bound Students

If you plan on attending College or University in the fall of the following year, it is important to note that we offer seminars showing you how to apply.   Glendale sends your marks off electronically to the Colleges and Universities four times in the school year.  You will be responsible for checking online at either the Ontario College Application System (OCAS) and/or Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC) to ensure that your marks are there.  If you have any problems, Mrs. Willson or your Counsellor will help you.

Dual Credit Information at Mohawk College:


Important Dates for College and University Application Deadlines:


What is OYAP?

The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program is a school-to-work program where you can work in an apprenticeship position starting in grade 11 or grade 12 through co-op.  You can earn high school credits while accumulating apprenticeship hours at your placement.   For more information on accelerated OYAP and co-op programs visit: www.hwdsb.on.ca/oyap.

Mohawk College – College in Motion Services

Meet one-to-one with a Community Outreach and Education Advisor from Mohawk College and start the conversation about “life after high school”!  Discuss your interests and skills, to seek out a potential career goal, and then look at the specific pathways to help you reach this goal whether it is college, university, apprenticeships or the workforce.  The College in Motion team can offer assistance in the college application process, understand various college program options and how they connect to jobs, help you understand financial aid supports as well as connect you to other appropriate services to make your transition to College a positive experience.  Sign up for a one-to-one session in your Guidance office.  Our College In Motion contact is Tracy-Ann Prokipczuk.  She can be reached at:  905-870-0856 or email her at tracey-ann.prokipczuk@mohawkcollege.ca.

Scholarships & Awards

Throughout the school year, many opportunities are brought to our attention for a chance to apply for scholarships or awards.  These opportunities are posted on the bulletin board close to the Guidance Office as well as posted on our website under Student Services.  You can also view and apply for scholarships online at www.studentawards.com or visit www.scholarshipscanada.com or www.osca.ca.

Ralph Bradley Memorial Bursary Guidelines & Application Form (1)


TedRogersfund: 2 Kinds for Employees of Rogers and if you work with Community Partners like Boys and Girls Club, YMCA  – follow the link to investigate:


This site: Scholarships Canada has it all!




Updated on Tuesday, February 27, 2018.
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