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International Students at Glendale

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Welcome to Glendale Secondary School!  Glendale is a top destination for international students looking to learn English, earn a Canadian high school diploma, and prepare for university or college in Canada.

Glendale offers a full range of courses to interest and challenge any international student.  All levels of English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are offered and taught by qualified and dedicated teachers.  As a school that specializes in ESL, we also offer language-supported courses in most other disciplines, such as ESL Math, ESL Science, ESL Business, ESL Arts, ESL History and Geography, etc.  At Glendale, we are always looking to meet the needs of our student population; as a result, this year we are offering English Presentation and Speaking Skills.  This course is a credit course that teaches ESL students how to speak confidently in English when both conversing in English and making presentations in classes.  At Glendale, we pride ourselves in offering personalized attention and support to our international student community.

If you are a new international student coming to Canada, you will likely be involved with the Assessment Centre.  They are there to assist newcomers with information about elementary and secondary education.  In order to become a student at Glendale, the Assessment Centre will book an appointment for you to determine what credits you have already received in previous years and will give you a test in Math and English to determine your level.  This will assist in deciding your academic path at Glendale.  With the assistance of our ESL Department, newcomers can transition easily to our secondary school, meet other students who are new to this country and make many friends, all while earning credits to becoming a graduate.  You and your custodian or homestay family can connect with the Assessment Centre at 905-527-5092 ext. 2309 to make an assessment appointment.  You can also speak with Ms. M. Hewitt, our ESL Department Head.


Updated on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.
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