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Canadian and World Studies

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H. Vander Marel
Head of  Canadian and World Studies

A. Ajdinovic
Canadian and World Studies Teacher

N. Schlecta
Canadian and World Studies Teacher


Glendale offers Geography courses for students in all grades who are interested in how people, places, ecology, and environments affect every day life.  Students learn about Canada and the world through discovery, exploration, and interactive lessons that inspire them to be curious about how geography affects everything.

Glendale is a multicultural school with many perspectives represented in our student body. This diversity helps students gain an respectful understanding of relationships between people and their environments. and it encourages citizenship and responsibility both locally and globally.

Our teachers celebrate active learning and lead their students on many field trips and in all grades. Come explore with us!

At Glendale, we love History and celebrate the numerous people, groups, and cultures that have made Canada the best nation in the world.  From the emerging of Canadian identity in World War I to the sharing of our common values in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, we enjoy exploring our nation’s past together.

Updated on Monday, August 19, 2019.
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