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Course Selection Information

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The course selection process for 2024-25 has now closed–Xello is NO LONGER ACTIVE. If you require any changes to the courses selected for next year, please email your guidance counsellor.

The following resources will help you plan for graduation and post-secondary programs and will assist you in selecting your courses.  Please take the time to watch the videos and review the instructions carefully before selecting courses through Xello.

2024-25 Grade 9-12 Course Selection Process (slides only)

Glendale Xello 9-12 Demonstration Video

Glendale Course Selection Information Grade 9-12 Video

Course Selection Instructions 2024

Glendale Course Guide & Descriptions in Xello

Elearning Opt-Out: Elearning Opt Out Letter

Applications for the Audition-Based Program of the Arts are NOW CLOSED and all students who completed the process have been contacted with their results. The application for the 2025-2026 year will be available in December 2024. Please connect with the ABPA program coordinator at [email protected] for more information.

Updated on Wednesday, March 27, 2024.
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