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Course Selection Information

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All course selections for 2021-22 will be completed through Xello, an updated, more accurate and user friendly form of Career Cruising.  We will no longer be using Career Cruising–any courses entered through Career Cruising may not transfer over to Xello.

The link for Xello can be accessed through the Guidance Course page in the HUB–it looks like this:

The following resources will help you plan for graduation and post-secondary programs and will assist you in selecting your courses for next year.  Please take the time to watch the videos and review the instructions carefully before selecting courses through Xello.

Xello Introduction Video–Student Experience Overview

Glendale Xello 9-12 Demonstration Video

Glendale Course Selection Information Grade 9-12 Video

Course Selection Instructions 2021

For current Glendale students: Glendale 9-12 Option Sheet 2021-2022

For current ABPA Glendale students (arts courses only): ABPA 9-12 Option Sheet 2021-2022


Successful candidates to the Audition-Based Program of the Arts have been contacted and sent an MS Teams link to the information and registration session to be held on Thursday, February 18th at 6:30 p.m.  Completion of the option sheet does NOT determine acceptance to the program.  Please connect with Mr. Paul Borsc at pborsc@hwdsb.on.ca for more information.

Updated on Thursday, February 18, 2021.
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