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Arts – Dance, Drama, Music, Visual & Media Art

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Glendale Secondary School is the home to THREE HWDSB Tier 3 programmes:  HWDSB Strings Program (Grades 9-12), a Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Program in Arts & Culture – Arts Focus (Grades 11-12) and the new HWDSB Audition-Based Program of the Arts.  Please click on the program names to be directed to their pages.

These Tier 3 programs are open to ALL students within the HWDSB – HWDSB Strings  grades 9-12, SHSM Arts grades 11-12 (transportation available from the board) and HWDSB Audition-Based Program of the Arts grades 9-12.

Our Glendale artists, actors, dancers, musicians, technicians, and composers/writers are heralded for their successes in our large productions – 2022-23 – Beauty and the Beast, 2021-22 – The Little Mermaid, 2020-21 – Cats (online performance), 2018-19 – Into the Woods, 2017-18 – Cinderella,  2016-17 – Fame, 2015-16 – Tarzan the Stage Musical, 2014-15 – A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2013-14- Peter Pan A Musical Adventure, 2012 YMCA Peace Medal & Eagle Feather recipient for the original production Ten Miles Out,  2010 – Grease – contribution to local Performing Arts groups/associations, hosting HWDSB DanceFest and other events in our Auditorium, plus producing a full season of concerts, shows and exhibitions each year.

The multimillion-dollar renovation to our auditorium and Performing Arts rooms is complete.  They are state-of-the-art and allow Glendale Program of the Arts students to learn how to work together to create works of excellence which showcase teamwork, creativity, and leadership on-stage, back-stage, and off-stage.

Glendale Program of the Arts has had the privilege to work with many industry professionals in workshops (armed and unarmed stage combat, flying, street art, collage, aerial silks, music composition, Shakespearean performance based in all disciplines, auditioning/portfolio creation in all disciplines) all over North America (Hamilton, Toronto, New York City, Chicago, Orlando).

Contact all Arts teachers at [email protected]

L. Bramer (Head of Arts)

V. Alstein (Assistant Head of Arts)
Visual/Media Arts Teacher

W. Barrett
Visual Arts Teacher

R. Cuthill
Visual/Media Arts Teacher

M. Connolly
Drama Teacher

V. Moore
Dance Teacher

E. Newton
Drama Teacher

P. Borsc (Head of Music) ext. 4677

J. Evans
Vocals Music Teacher

N. Stevens
Strings and Music Teacher

A. Theysen
Music Teacher


For more information about HWDSB Strings, the SHSM – Performing ArtsHWDSB Audition-Based Program of the Arts , please contact Mr. Paul Borsc, [email protected]

You can also check out our GPA picture and video page

Here are the courses available at Glendale, all beginning and experienced Arts students are warmly invited to join.

Grade 9

  • ADA2O – Introduction to Dramatic Arts
  • AMI1O – Introduction to Instrumental Music (Beginner or Experienced)
  • AMS1O – Introduction to String Instrumental Music (Beginner or Experienced)
  • AMO1O – Orchestra and Concert Band
  • AMR1O – Vocal/Choral Repertoire
  • AVI1O – Introduction to Visual Arts
  • ALC2O – Integrated Arts (for students accepted into ABPA program)
  • AMC1O – Contemporary Music

Grade 10

  • ADA3O – Introduction to Dramatic Arts
  • AMI2O – Instrumental Music
  • AMS2O – String Instrumental Music
  • AMC2O – Contemporary Music
  • AMR2O- Vocal/Choral Repertoire
  • AMO2O – Orchestra and Concert Band Repertoire
  • AMV2O – Vocal Music
  • ATC2O – Dance
  • ASM2O – Introduction to Media Arts
  • AVI2O – Visual Arts

Grade 11

  • ATC3O/M – Dance
  • ADA3M/3O – Dramatic Arts
  • AMC3M – Contemporary Music
  • AMG3O/3M – Guitar
  • AMI3M – Instrumental Music
  • AMS3O – Introduction to Strings
  • AMS3M – String Instrumental Music
  • AMR3M – Vocal/Choral Repertoire
  • AMO3M – Orchestra and Concert Band Repertoire
  • AMT3M/3O – Musical Theatre
  • AMV3O/3M – Vocal Music
  • ASM3O/3M – Media Arts
  • AVI3O/3M – Visual Arts
  • AWQ3M – Photography
  • AWR3M – Film/Video
  • AWS3M – Digital Animation

Grade 12


  • ADA4M/4E – Advanced Theatre
  • AME4M – Vocal/Choral Repertoire
  • AMO4M – Orchestra and Concert Band Repertoire
  • AMC4M – Contemporary Music
  • AMG4M – Guitar
  • AMI4M – Instrumental Music
  • AMV4M – Vocal Music
  • AMS4M – String Instrumental Music
  • AMK4M – Piano Keyboarding
  • AMT4M – Musical Theatre
  • ATC4M/E – Dance
  • AWQ4M – Photography
  • AWR4M – Film/Video
  • AWS4M – Digital Animation
  • AWD4M – Visual Design–Printmaking
  • IDC4U1A/IDC4O1A – Arts Focus Course (21st Century Society & Music:  Pop Culture and History of Rock ‘n’ Roll)

The Glendale Art Department is a creative, energetic, and expressive centre of the school community.  Many student projects are displayed throughout the school and feature exemplary work in sculpture, painting, multimedia digital pieces, crafts, and drawing.

Course Outlines

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