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Last updated on Monday, September 05, 2016.

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The Modern Languages Department prides itself in offering Canada’s second official language, French, as well as introductory German, Latin and Spanish.

Junior students have the option of choosing French at the academic or applied level.  Our French academic courses are offered from grade 9-12 and meet the criteria for college and university admission.  The grade 9 applied level French course is geared toward those students who do not intend to continue French language studies.  

German is offered at the academic level in grades 10 and 11.

Spanish is offered at the open level in grades 10 and 11.

Latin is offered in grade 9 at the academic level and is open to students in all grades.

Students who successfully complete a Spanish or German course may use this credit to fulfill the G1 secondary school diploma requirement.

Either French or Spanish meet the Language B credit requirement necessary to earn an IB diploma.  French B is offered at the standard level and requires FSF 1D1 and FSF 2D1/2D1E as prerequisites.  Spanish ab initio (Introductory level) has no prerequisite.

Ancaster High School’s language teachers are very enthusiastic about the benefits of learning other languages.  In addition to participating in numerous work and study programs to develop and improve their language skills, they have travelled extensively outside of Canada.  These teachers are highly qualified professionals.  They look forward to the opportunity to expose teens to different cultures, and to reveal the social and intellectual advantages of learning another language.

Grade 9 French Applied Level (FSF 1P1)
Grade 9 French Academic Level (FsF 1D1)
Grade 10 French Academic Level (FSF 2D1)
Grade 10 French ISP (FSF 2D1E)
Grade 11 French University Level (FSF 3U1)
Grade 11/12 French IB (FSF 3U1E/4U1E)
Grade 12 French University Level (FSF 4U1)
Grade 10 German Academic Level (LWGBD1)
Grade 11 German University Level (LWGCU1)
Grade 10 Spanish Open Level
Grade 11 Spanish Open Level
Grade 10 Spanish IB -Ab initio
Nos professeurs extraordinaires:
You’re welcome to contact us by email or phone:  905-648-4468
Mme Binotto  ext.  567
Mme Dailey  ext. 548  or 221 (classroom phone) (Dept. Head)
M Fraser ext. 
Mlle Toor ext.