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Choosing Your Courses For Grades 10 to 12

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Course Selection for 2022 – 2023:

Online course selection using Xello should be completed by February 28, 2022.  Students may access Xello through “Class Tools” in the Hub.  Parents/Guardians will receive confirmation of courses selected in Parent Portal.  There will be an area in Parent Portal for Parents/Guardians to indicate approval of courses selected.  Xello Course Planner is active and will accept option submission from students as of February 8, 2022. 

Grade 10 options 2022-2023
Grade 11 options 2022-2023
Grade 12 options 2022-2023
IB Option Sheet 2022-2023

Support with Course Selection

Westdale Guidance will be conducting information sessions for each grade on Thursday, February 10. These information sessions will include review of graduation requirements, making course selections with an eye to post-secondary requirements, opportunities at Westdale, and how to enter courses in Xello. Presentation slidedecks will be posted after presentations.  

 Students can make Guidance appointments to ask questions about 2022-2023 course selections after February 10. 

Grade 9 Presentation (Choosing Courses for Grade 10) – Thursday, February 10 – Period 3 

 Grade 10 Presentation (Choosing Courses for Grade 11) – Thursday, February 10 – Period 2 

Grade 11 Presentation (Choosing Courses for Grade 12) – Thursday, February 10 – Period 5 

Grade 12 Presentation (Next Steps for Grade 12s) – Thursday, February 10 – Period 4 


Registration Documents for Students New to Westdale – Read Carefully 

Beginning February 9, 2022: 

  1. Download the Westdale Registration Checklist, HWDSB Student Registration Form and Media Consent Form. Access the Option Sheets through the links above. Please see below for all the necessary registration documents and information. 
  2. Complete and sign all necessary forms. 
  3. Email the registration package to Ms. Angela Harvey.  Please do not email government-issued documents or proof of address documents (e.g. utility bills) through email. 
  4. You will be contacted by Westdale Student Services for a virtual meeting where personal documents may be presented.  You may also call Westdale S.S. (905-522-1387) and set an appointment to drop off the registration package and documentation. 
  5. Please contact Westdale Student Services should you have difficulty downloading any of the required documents. 

Not sure of your catchment? 

  • If you are unsure of your catchment status, please visit the HWDSB website and use the Find a School tool to determine which school your student will attend. 
  • Type in your address, select your grade level, select your program (French Immersion or Regular), then click “Search”. 


Documents Required for Registration


Student-Registration-Form_Sept 2022

Media Consent

Westdale SS Grade 10 to 12 Course Selection Option Sheet Fillable

Other Helpful Documents

Secondary School Course Calendar & Course Descriptions

Westdale Educational Planner

Updated on Wednesday, February 16, 2022.
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