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Modern Languages

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Modern Languages Staff

Mrs. J. Pieon (Rimnyak) (French, Deparment Head)

Ms. N. Flynn (French, IB French)

Mrs. M. Walker (French)

Mr. C. Miller (Latin, Ancient Greek, IB Latin, Korean)

Mrs. Y. Di Giacinto (Spanish, IB Spanish)

Curriculum Documents

French as a Second Language, Grades 9-12

Classical and International Languages, Grades 9-12

What Languages are Available at Westdale?

Our language department offers excellent instruction in the three modern languages French, Korean, and Spanish, and the classical languages Latin and Ancient Greek. Four languages, Latin, Ancient Greek, Spanish, and French, are also available as part of the International Baccalaureate Programme. Korean can also be pursued for credit through HWDSB’s International Languages Programme Saturday mornings.

For more detailed information on our course offerings and on the yearly DELF examinations offered through the Modern Languages Department, please follow the links below or in the menu on the left side of the screen.

French, Spanish, and Korean (Modern Languages)

Latin and Ancient Greek (Classical Languages)

DELF (Diplôme d’études en langue française)

Activities Run by the Languages Department

French Exchange

Date/approximate time of year: August to November and February to May

Description of the event: French students can participate in a reciprocal exchange with a student from France. Must be studying French and be 14-17 years old.

Visit the website of Canadian Education Exchange Foundation  https://www.ceef.ca/

Language Academic Exchange

Date/approximate time of year: August to November and February to May

Description of the event: Reciprocal exchange with a student from France, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy or Quebec. Should be studying the language of the country and be 13-17 years of age

View website:  https://iseontario.on.ca/

Le concours d’art oratoire

Date/approximate time of year: March

Description of the event: A local and possibly provincial French speech contest

View website: https://on.cpf.ca/actvities/youth-activities/le-concours-et-festival-dart-oratoire-part-2/

Franco-Connexion Forum

Date/approximate time of year: April

Description of the event: A select number of grade 9 Core French students are chosen to attend a HWDSB forum, where they participate in French-Canadian cultural activities, learn the importance of speaking English and French in Ontario, and become ambassadors of the French language at Westdale.

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