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French, Spanish, Korean

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French Course Codes Spanish Course Codes Korean Course Codes
Grade 9 Applied French – FSF1P

Grade 9 Academic French – FSF1D

Grade 10 Academic French – FSF2D

Grade 11 University French – FSF3U

Grade 12 University French – FSF4U

IB French I – FSF3U1B

IB French II – FSF4U1B

Grade 10 Academic Spanish – LWSBD

Grade 11 University Spanish – LWSCU

Grade 12 University Spanish – LWSDU

IB Spanish Ab Initio I – LWSBD1B

IB Spanish Ab Initio II – LWSCU1B

Grade 9 Korean – LKKAD

Grade 10 Korean – LKKBD

Grade 11 Korean – LKKCU

Grade 12 Korean – LKKDU

French has over 110 million native speakers and over 200 million second language speakers, making the total well over 300 million. It is one of Canada’s two official languages, and one in three Canadians, over 10 million, speaks French as their first language. French is a necessary language of business, government and culture in Canada and is a fundamental part of the Canadian identity.

Spanish is spoken by well over 500 million people in the world, over 400 of which speak it at home as their first language, making it the second most widely spoken and studied language in the world after English. It is also the second most spoken language in Canada’s closest neighbour and business partner the United States where over one fifth of the population speaks it as their primary language. Spanish is of enormous importance and influence in world trade, culture, history and literature. There are currently well over one million Spanish speakers in Canada.

Korean is spoken by well over 70 million people as a first language. South Korea is one of the world’s strongest economic powers having also one of the world’s highest standards of living. It is a world leader in technological, cultural and social sophistication, and is a very close and longtime ally and trading partner of Canada. Korean’s simple and elegant 24 letter script, inspired by Chinese characters, depicts instead of ideas, objects, or syllables, the shapes made by the mouth for each sound, and can be learned in under an hour. Korean shares approximately 70% of its vocabulary with Chinese and Japanese and is thus the ideal gateway language to the influential, historically rich and meaningful cultures and languages of East Asia. Korean is the official language of both South and North Korea and co-official in Yanbian Province, China. Korean is spoken in many immigrant communities in North America and around the world with hundreds of thousands of speakers in the Greater Toronto Region alone! The HWDSB programme is tailored to students with no previous experience of the language. It equips them with advanced level fluency for business, literature, and society.

Here are some informative facts:
  • Korean is the easiest East Asian language to learn due to its highly scientific 24 letter alphabet based on the shapes the mouth makes.
  • South Korea has the highest standard of living in East Asia.
  • South Korea has the 8th highest household income in the world and is the world’s 11th largest economy.
  • South Korean companies like Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Kia, among many others are important players in the Canadian and world economies.
  • South Korea has a special relationship with Canada through free trade, shared military and cultural history, military alliance, and 6 month visiting rights with passport only.
  • South Korean culture is very prominent and popular worldwide.
  • Korea is one of the closest Asian countries to Canada.
  • Therefore, learning Korean can lead to many positive experiences in your life as a Canadian!
Updated on Thursday, March 22, 2018.
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