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Welcome to the Westdale Mathematics page

Department Staff – 2019/2020 (Semester Two)

Mr. D. M. Christie (Dept. Head)

Ms. D. Bawden (Asst Dept. Head)

Mr. M. Ayotte

Mr. N. Battista

Ms. M. Cronjaeger

Mr. R. Gallo

Mr. N. Ho

Mr. S. Johnstone

Ms. L Lu

Mr. S. Milosevic-Hill

Ms. C. Quaglia

Ms. V. Watt

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Math Contests

Registration for math contests is open to all students at the beginning of Semester One.  Forms are available on the second floor across the hallway from the main stairwell.  Forms and Payment must be submitted by September 27.  The costs of contests vary.

Contests offered for 2019/2020:

CEMC (Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing) including:

Pascal and Fryer (Grade 9) – February / April

Cayley and Galois  (Grade 10) – February / April

Fermat and Hypatia (Grade 11) – February  /April

Euclid (Grade 12) – April

CSMC & CIMC (Canadian Senior and Intermediate Math Contests) – November

COMC (Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge) – November



The EQAO assessment will occur during the month of January, before final exams, for fall semester students, and during the month of June, before final exams, for spring semester students.  This assessment applies to all students registered in a Grade 9 Mathematics course (MPM 1D, MFM 1P, and enriched).  It will occur over 2 days.  Parts of the assessment will be marked by teachers.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact your child’s math teacher.

Information for students and parents can be also be found on the EQAO website.

Course Information:

Math - Grade 9 and 10 Math - Grade 11 and 12
Updated on Friday, March 06, 2020.
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