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HWDSB Building

Technical and Computer Studies

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Technological Teachers:

Mr. D. Kipp (Head of Technology) Ext. 5745 dkipp@hwdsb.on.ca
Mr. T. Wilson (Assistant Head) Ext. 5790 tawilson@hwdsb.on.ca
Mr. D. Brunetti Ext. Ext. 5709 dbrunett@hwdsb.on.ca
Mr. D.M. Christie Ext. 5715 dmchrist@hwdsb.on.ca
Mr. B. Moore (on leave)  Ext. 5760  bmoore@hwdsb.on.ca
Mr. Ramsden Ext. 5730 cramsden@hwdsb.on.ca
Mr. R. Royer Ext. 5773  rroyer@hwdsb.on.ca
Ms. S. Taylor Ext. 5777  sltaylor@hwdsb.on.ca


Course Offering Tree – All Tech Rev.3

Tech Ed Course Descriptions

 Course Information:

Construction / Carpentry / Cabinetmaking

Tiny House Project – Spectator

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023.
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