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Welcome to Science at Westdale

Welcome to Westdale Science

Department Staff 2018 – 2019

Sarah Attridge                                                                              sattridg@hwdsb.on.ca

Claude Dube                                                                                 cdube@hwdsb.on.ca

Emil Gadjanski (Department Head)                                   egadjans@hwdsb.on.ca

Brad Harrison                                                                              bharriso@hwdsb.on.ca

Kelly Hepworth                                                                           khepwort@hwdsb.on.ca

Mike Hrycenko                                                                            mhrycenk@hwdsb.on.ca

Erin Lepischak (Assistant Department Head)                elepisch@hwdsb.on.ca

Sarah Lindner                                                                              slindner@hwdsb.on.ca

John Summers                                                                            jsummers@hwdsb.on.ca

Kevin Tearle                                                                                  ktearle@hwdsb.on.ca

Course Offerings 2018 – 2019

Grade 9 – SNC1L, SNC1P, SNC1D*

Grade 10 – SNC2P, SNC2D*

Grade 11 – SBI3C, SVN3E, SBI3U, SCH3U, SPH3U

Grade 12 – SBI4U, SCH4U, SES4U, SPH4U

International Baccalaureate Programme – Biology, Chemistry, Physics

*Also offered in French Immersion

Guide for suggested course pathways: SCIENCE COURSE PATHWAYS

Science Curriculum Grade 9 and 10

Grades 9 & 10

Science Curriculum Grade 11 and 12

Grades 11 & 12

Growing Success Picture

Growing Success

Biology Guide

IB Biology

IB Chemistry Guide

IB Chemistry

Physics Guide

IB Physics

Youth Canada Logo

A comprehensive, searchable database of competitions, programs, and conferences available to grade 9-12 students in maths and sciences. (click on linked image to go to website)


Updated on Sunday, May 05, 2019.
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