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Choosing Your Courses For Grade 9

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Grade 9 Information Presentation

Part 1: Welcome to Westdale

Welcome to Westdale

Part 2:  Choosing Your Courses

Course Selection

Do you have a question after watching our Grade 9 information presentation and viewing the Westdale Option sheet? CLICK HERE  to ask your question.  A member of our Student Services team will reply to you soon.

Grade 9 Option Process for students currently attending Westdale’s Associate Schools:

Our current Associate Schools are:  Bennetto, Dalewood, Guy Brown (FI students only), Hess Street, Ryerson, Sir William Osler (FI students only).

For students attending our six associate schools:

  1. Access fillable HWDSB registration form and Westdale Grade 9 option sheet from Student Services section of Westdale school website​.  Grade 8 teachers can support students with this process.
  2. Complete the registration form and option sheet; students should submit both forms to Grade 8 teacher​.
  3. Grade 8 teachers will review options and support students and families with recommendations​.
  4. Tuesday, February 16 – submit registration and option sheet to Grade 8 teacher​.
  5. Westdale Student Services staff will support Grade 8 students and teachers with option entry into Xello future readiness platform in February.

Grade 9 Option Process for students who reside in Westdale’s catchment currently attending a Remote School through HWDSB:

  1. Access the fillable HWDSB registration form and the Westdale Grade 9 option sheet from the list of documents below.
  2. Complete the registration form and option sheet. Seek feedback from your student’s Grade 8 teacher if you are unsure of the type of courses most appropriate for your student.
  3. Complete the Grade 9 Course Planner in the Xello future readiness platform.  Students will have access to Xello through their HWDSB learning platforms.   Note: Westdale Guidance counsellors will review the option sheet and cross-reference with courses entered into the Grade 9 planner in Xello to ensure accuracy.
  4. Email the registration form and Grade 9 option sheet to Ms. Angela Harvey (aharvey@hwdsb.on.ca) at Westdale Student Services by February 19, 2021.
  5. Westdale Student Services will confirm receipt of your option sheet by email before March 1, 2021.

Registration Process for students in Westdale’s catchment but not attending one of the schools listed above:

Beginning February 1, 2021:

  1. Complete the Westdale Registration Checklist, HWDSB Student Registration Form, Media Consent Form, and Grade 9 Option Sheet. Please see below for all the necessary registration documents and information.  Please consult your student’s Grade 8 teacher for course type recommendations.
  2. Email the registration package to Ms. Angela Harvey (aharvey@hwdsb.on.ca).  If it is not possible to obtain the signature of the Grade 8 principal, please copy your student’s current principal to this email.  Westdale will be contacting the Grade 8 Principal to confirm the address on file at the student’s current school.  Please email completed registration documents no later than 3pm on Friday, February 19, 2021.  Please do not email government-issued documents or proof of address documents (e.g. utility bills) through email.  You will be contacted by Westdale Student Services for a virtual meeting where these documents may be presented.  You may also call Westdale S.S. (905-522-1387) and set an appointment to drop off the registration package and documentation.
  3. You will be contacted by email by February 26, 2021 regarding the status of your application to Westdale.
  4. Please contact Westdale Student Services should you have difficulty downloading any of the required documents.

Not sure of your catchment?

  • If you are unsure of your catchment status, please visit the HWDSB website and use the Find a School tool to determine which school your student will attend.
  • Type in your address, select your grade level, select your program (French Immersion or Regular), then click “Search”.

Documents for Registration

November Grade 7/8 Information Night Videos


Subject Departments

Extra Curriculars

Updated on Thursday, February 11, 2021.
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