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Scholarship Information

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Major scholarships will be announced through our website, school announcements, twitter and Remind 101.

Please see your counselor for more information on how parents/guardians and students can sign up for Remind101, an easy way to keep up to date on the road to graduation this year.

Westdale S.S. subscribes to the Scholarship Report.  This is an excellent resource for students to learn about available scholarships and application skills.  The Scholarship Report is available to students in the Westdale Guidance 2022-23 course in The Hub.

Westdale Guidance Hub Page

Please see your Guidance counselor for more information.

    • Automatic Entrance Scholarships based on marks and no application is required
    • Additional Scholarships are available but may require an application (e.g. TD Community Leaders)
    • Additional Scholarships are available but may require school nomination with your application (Queen’s Chancellor’s, Schulich Leaders)
    • Scholarship information available on OCAS, EINFO, Scholarships Canada – see links below


List of Scholarships Offered by each Ontario University

Ontario Universities Info – Scholarships

OCAS – Ontario Colleges Research Site

Scholarship Canada – Website



Updated on Wednesday, October 26, 2022.
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