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Drama, Visual Arts and Media Arts

Meet our Staff:

Email Extension
Sandra Crisante-Crespo (Head of Arts) scrisant@hwdsb.on.ca 5716
Carmelo Iachelli (Assistant Head of Arts) ciachell@hwdsb.on.ca 5741
John Jansen jjansen@hwdsb.on.ca
Wendy Melnick wmelnick@hwdsb.on.ca
Diana Panton dpanton@hwdsb.on.ca 5766
Jennifer Vivian jvivian@hwdsb.on.ca 5784


The Arts - Grade 9 and 10 The Arts - Grade 11 - 12 Program Planning and Assessment
Grade 9 and 10 Grade 11 and 12 Program Planning and Assessment




Updated on Thursday, May 07, 2020.
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