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HWDSB Building

Student Success

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Student Success Teachers

Room 113

Ms. Tonogai
Phone: 905-522-1387 ext. 607
Email: [email protected]

Fax: 905-521-0542

The Student Success Teacher, on behalf of all students, is a key facilitator for:

  • Direct student advocacy and mentoring
  • Student monitoring
  • Student voice opportunities
  • School-wide professional learning focused on TLE, Building capacity for students and staff
  • Student instruction for prevention, intervention, and support, i.e., Credit Recovery, In-school Alternative Education, E-Learning, OLC, Reading and Math Interventions, Student Success Co-op, Experiential Learning, OYAP, SHSM, Dual Credits, GLS, GLD, GLN, pathways to Graduation
  • Students experiencing various transitions
  • Support In Risk Students
  • Data collection, sharing and analysis
  • Re-Engagement of Early Leavers

HWDSB Resources for In Risk Secondary Students

HWDSB Strategic Directions Handout

HWDSB Student Achievement Pillar

Student Success Tiered Interventions

Partners for Student Success

Updated on Thursday, March 22, 2018.
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