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Student Services (Guidance, Coop and Careers)

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For more information, check out the separate Student Services section of the website.  And make sure to follow us on Twitter @swc_guidance

Guidance Counsellors Student Portfolios E-Mail Voice Mail
Ms. S. Hockin (Dept. Head)  Last Names: A-K shockin@hwdsb.on.ca   231
Ms. J. O’Connor (Assistant Dept. Head)  Last Names: L-Z joconnor@hwdsb.on.ca   233
 Guidance Secretary
 Ms. G. Simon gsimon@hwdsb.on.ca  232
 Co-op Teachers
 Mr. M. Kot mkot@hwdsb.on.ca 531
 Mr. J. Lewis jglewis@hwdsb.on.ca 229
 Student Success Teacher
 Mr. G. Watson  gwatson@hwdsb.on.ca  253
 Careers Teacher
 Ms. T. Falco  tfalco@hwdsb.on.ca 524
Updated on Tuesday, September 08, 2020.
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