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Graduation Ceremony 2018 June 27th, 2018


Glendale’s Auditorium

2 Tickets per student (no extra tickets available)

   Cafeteria will be open for other family members

Ceremony Rehearsal and Procedures: There will be a Grad Rehearsal on June 12th, 2018 at 9:10am.  It is very important that you attend!

The Potential Graduates List is posted outside the main office. Please check that your name is spelled correctly. If there needs to be changes, please see Miss Tarbutt in the Main office.

Only Graduates will walk across the stage. This means 30 credits, 40 community hours completed and the literacy requirement met.


Graduation Cap and Gown All Grade 12 Students MUST wear a Grad Cap and Gown to cross the stage at the Graduation Ceremony.

Grad Gowns cost $30.00

Purchases are through CASH ONLINE –

Ms. Castellani, along with a group of volunteers, will be in the cafeteria on Monday, May 7th during period 3 to do all the measuring.  Students will be called down to the cafeteria.

Graduation Dinner and Dance


Grad Dinner Dance is June 28th at Liuna Gardens

Tickets will be $55.00. You can purchase them through CASH ONLINE early June. Only high school students will be allowed as guests and only 1 per graduate.  See Ms. Nieuwenhuis if you have questions.



one male and one female student will be chosen to represent the graduating class

*nominees must have: a minimum 70% average in their grade 12 courses and attend class regularly, contribute to the Glendale community (sports, clubs, committees, etc.), demonstrate good character

More information to come soon

Graduation Awards  FINAL HWDSB Honour Criteria 2015-2016 School Year
Volunteer Hours


Community Involvement Hours are due May 1st, 2017.  If they are not done, you cannot Graduate.

A requirement for an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

A total of 40 hours of unpaid community involvement activities.

An activity that benefits the community.

CIH forms are available in the Student Services Office (Guidance Office).

See the Glendale Secondary Guidance HUB and/or Ms. Ciprietti for more information.

Prom Project  



Click on the link to see the requirements for Graduation:

Ontario high school Graduation Requirements
Ontario high school graduation requirements 2013


What do I need to graduate?

  • 30 credits
  • OSSLT (successfully complete the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test or Course)
  • 40 volunteer hours

For more information, please make an appointment to see your counsellor.


Planning on graduating this year?  As a grad, you will receive a lot of information starting in the Spring.  You will be asked to make sure you have submitted all of your Community Hours and will be required to attend mandatory assemblies to learn about awards and important deadlines.  There will be rehearsals and tickets to pick up, so it is important that you listen for announcements or check the bulletin board outside the main office for announcement postings.  You will also find a list of “potential” grads posted near the Guidance Office that will keep you informed of who is eligible to graduate and who is not.

Updated on Tuesday, June 05, 2018.
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