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Featured Athlete of the Week – Anastasija Zarac – Glendale

Posted on Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Shortly after the school year began there was talk of a girl in grade 9 who was ‘very good’ at tennis, that girl is Anastasija Zarac.  Anastasija has been playing tennis for almost 10 years and by age 8 she was named first in Ontario in the under 10 age group.  She was undefeated in the city finals and won SOSSA without surrendering a point to her opponents.  According to Glendale’s tennis coach, Anastasija is not only a skilled player, but she is an excellent model of a student athlete as she is very coachable, she works well with her teammates, she accepts the input of others, and she always puts forth her best effort.

Aside from playing tennis, she has been involved in Tae Kwan Doe for the past 3 years, and her participation and performance in cross country, track and field, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and three-pitch earned her the honour of athlete of the year from Glen Brae.  Additionally, Anastasija was a member of the junior girls’ basketball team and plans on trying out for volleyball and badminton later this year.  Anastasija has proven herself to be an asset to girls’ sports at Glendale.