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Orchard Park Secondary School opened in 1966. The school has a rich tradition of preparing students for university, college and the world of work, as well as becoming productive members of our society. Orchard Park offers a wide range of university and college preparation programs, as well as a diverse and enriching technological studies program to meet the needs of all our students. Our school has a diverse and multicultural population and the staff and students work together to promote a safe, respectful and nurturing environment. The school celebrates its cultural diversity and strongly promotes equity issues and the development of a strong, moral character.

The staff at Orchard Park are committed to providing an enriching co-curricular program for our students and therefore many students are actively involved in music, sports, drama, the arts and a variety of other clubs and activities.

Parents are kept informed of the “happenings” at Orchard Park through our outstanding school website as well as School Messanger emails and parent information evenings. Interview sessions are organized each semester and parents are encouraged to contact the school at any time to maintain our strong school to home partnership.


Updated on Tuesday, July 09, 2024.
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