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Orchard Park

Student Services

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Welcome to Student Services

The Student Services Department is responsible for the delivery the following secondary school services:

  • Career Education
  • Cooperative Education
  • E-learning
  • Guidance
  • Learning Commons
  • Student Success

We are pleased to introduce to you our Student Services Team:

Head of Student Services: Mr. P. Vukosa ext 317 Email:  pvukosa@hwdsb.on.ca

Assistant Head of Student Services: Mr. S. Ferney ext. 321 Email:  seferney@hwdsb.on.ca

Student Success:  Mr. M. Murray  Email:  mamurray@hwdsb.on.ca

Student Services Office Administrator: Ms. J Harris  ext 311 Email:  jharris@hwdsb.on.ca

 OSR REQUESTS – please send OSR requests to Shauna Ciannavei at sdcianna@hwdsb.on.ca


Guidance Counsellors:

(Click on Counsellors name to book and appointment)

Mr. P Vukosa (ext. 317) – A-D, M  Email:  pvukosa@hwdsb.on.ca

Mr. S Ferney (ext. 321) – E-K, R, S  Email:  seferney@hwdsb.on.ca

Mr. A Morreale (ext. 314) – L, N, O-Q, T-Z  Email:  amorreal@hwdsb.on.ca


Mrs. A. Zychowicz ext. 356 Email:  azychowi@hwdsb.on.ca

Mr. D. Tchorz  Email:  dtchorz@hwdsb.on.ca

Learning Commons:

Teacher Librarian: Mrs. J. Boudreau  ext. 334 Email: jboudrea@hwdsb.on.ca

Library Technician: Miss T. Grainger  ext. 333 Email:  tgrainge@hwdsb.on.ca

Updated on Wednesday, September 25, 2019.
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