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What is University?

Universities are institutions that can grant degrees. All universities have undergraduate (bachelor’s) degrees, and many have graduate (Master’s and doctoral) programs. Many universities also offer professional programs, such as medicine, dentistry and law. In some cases, you can begin these programs after 2 or 3 years of undergraduate study. 

If you would like a better understanding of the possible degree programs, please reference our Types of Post Secondary Programs of Study document.

What do I need to get in?

The basic requirement for admission is 6 University (U) or University/College (M) courses. Most programs have specific subject requirements, and some universities require a minimum number of ‘U’ type courses. Some programs are more competitive than others and consequently have higher averages required for admission. 

How do I apply?

All University applications for schools in Ontario have applications through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre 

 Where do I find specific information on different programs being offered at Universities in Ontario?

The Ontario Universities Info website has all the up-to-date information for all Ontario schools. In addition, you can link to individual school websites to look at the admission requirements and program information. 

 Are there programs that pair university and college together?

Yes, these are called Collaborative programs and they pair the learning and experience of University and College. Check these links to learn more about these exciting programs: 

Collaborative Program search (OUAC) 

Collaborative Program search (OCAS) 


Where do I find information on Indigenous Institutions?

The Indigenous Institutes Consortium represents seven indigenous-owned and controlled education and training institutions across Ontario. 

 When are the university fairs this year?

The Ontario University Fair took place in October 2023 for information regarding the 2024-2025 academic year. Please check this page next September for the university fair being held in 2024.


Updated on Friday, December 01, 2023.
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