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What is the FASHION Program at MacNab?

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The HWDSB fashion program offers the opportunity to develop your fashion design and construction skills, deepen your knowledge of cutting-edge fashion tools and trends, make proper decisions with fabric and clothing care, choice and consumerism.

Through hands-on projects, lectures, discussions, guest lecturers, and critiques, you will…
  • explore the purpose and function of fashion, fashion influences, design concepts, fabric and fibre, production, marketing, fashion cycles and trend research, and environmental factors;
  • use inquiry based learning, as well as conventional and digital techniques to research, develop and present your ideas.

At MacNab, our Fashion Program has courses in Grade 10, 11 and 12.

These courses can stand alone as individual elective courses, or can be a part of a student’s pathway into the Fashion Industry. Since 2014, Mrs. Yanover has successful lead students through the application, portfolio creation and interview processes to earn acceptance and attend Ryerson University, George Brown College and Fanshawe College in the Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising and Management and Costume Design programs. Comer check it out and see if it is for you.

HNL2O – Grade 10 Clothing

This course introduces students to the world of clothing. Students will gain knowledge about clothing and demonstrate basic skills associated with various techniques and technologies used to create garments and accessories. Students will learn about the functions of clothing and accessories and what clothing communicates about the wearer. They will learn how to enhance their personal wardrobe by assessing garment quality, developing shopping strategies, and developing an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of various retail formats. Students will develop research skills as they investigate topics related to clothing.

HNC3C – Grade 11 Understanding Fashion

This course introduces students to the world of fashion. Students will gain an understanding of theories related to fashion trends and of how culture, media, fashion cycles, retailing, and social and environmental factors influence fashion trends and consumer behaviour. Students will use various tools, technologies, and techniques safely and correctly to create fashion items. In addition, students will apply knowledge of fibres, fabrics, and the elements and principles of design when creating and assessing fashion-related products. Students will develop research skills as they investigate topics related to fashion.

HNB4M – Grade 12 The World of Fashion

This course gives students the opportunity to explore the world of fashion and costume design. Students will learn how to create a fashion product using various tools, techniques, and technologies while developing their practical skills. Projects in this course begin with items sewn for themselves and finish with the culmination of the complete costuming of the HWDSB Audition-based ArtSmart program that is run through Theatre Ancaster and Sir Allan MacNab.  Previous productions have included OLIVER!, The Wizard of Oz, and Disney’s The Little Mermaid. The 2017-2018 school year brings a change in the ArtSmart department and has us performing Mary Poppins. Students will also learn about various factors that affect the global fashion industry, the needs of specialized markets such as theatre, and the impact of fibre and fabric production and care. In addition, they will learn about social and historical influences on fashion through the world of entertainment and theatre. Students will apply research skills when investigating aspects of the fashion world.

Updated on Thursday, May 24, 2018.
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