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Enrichment/Advanced Placement (AP)

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AP Information Contacts:

Roger Logan – [email protected]

AP Test Coordinator:

Leah Abbey

Slideshow: AP-Program-at-Sir-Allan-MacNab v 2018

Enrichment Program leading to Advanced Placement Program

The Enrichment Program at Sir Allan MacNab Secondary School is a set of academic skills, strategies, and content used to build rigorous curricula, prepare students for success in senior Advanced Placement courses, increase academic challenges, promote independent learning and expose students to assessment techniques useful for success at university. The Enrichment Program is not prescribed curriculum but rather an enhanced experience to enrich current curriculum standards.


Grade 9 and Grade 10

Students entering Grade 9 enrichment courses are recommended through the option sheet process by feeder school staff. The students recommended by the Grade 8 feeder school should meet the Enrichment Student Profile (see below). Students who are successful in the enrichment courses can opt to continue in this program in their Grade 10 year. Students are expected to maintain a minimum 80% average in the subject course. Students applying for Out of Catchment to come to the Enrichment/AP pathway should meet the criteria below:

Enrichment Program Student Profile

  • Demonstrates academic excellence in the chosen area (suggested minimum is 80%)
  • Displays an excellent command of spoken and written language
  • Has a well-established work ethic and the willingness to work hard
  • Is enthusiastic, self-directed and capable of handling the accelerated pace of learning
  • Enjoys being challenged
  • Possesses curiosity about the subject of study
  • Demonstrates an intellectual curiosity over a broad range of interests
  • Enjoys involvement in the extra-curricular life of school
  • Shows a willingness to assume leadership

A Glance at AP at MacNab


Updated on Wednesday, October 18, 2023.
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