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Sir Allan MacNab

Student Services

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Student Services Head:   Mrs. Lisa Farrugia

Assistant Student Services Head & Student Success:   Mrs. Kelly Davy


Mr. Tim Francis   (A – Bo)          Email:  tfrancis@hwdsb.on.ca

Mrs. Lisa Farrugia   (Bh – L)      Email:  lfarrugi@hwdsb.on.ca

Mr. Hugh Dick  (M – Sl)          Email:  hdick@hwdsb.on.ca

Mr. Aaron Cowan  (Sm – Z)           Email:  acowan@hwdsb.on.ca

Office Administrator:    Mrs. Chrissi Vooys       Email: cvooys@hwdsb.on.ca

If you would like to book an appointment with a member of the Student Services team, please use this link:  https://cutt.ly/MacNab-GuidanceAppointments

or use the QR code below:

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Updated on Thursday, June 03, 2021.
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