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In need of some extra help?

We have curated a list of tutors that are available for hire within our community. Please note, Sir Allan MacNab provides this list as a courtesy only. We do not necessarily endorse or recommend any of the tutors on the list.

The list of tutors can be found using the link below.

SAM – Tutoring List


Free Tutoring/Homework Help 

Attention MacNab students,

Need a bit of help in some of your courses? The Hamilton Public Library offers free online tutoring/homework for anyone who has a library card.

Don’t have a library card? Not a problem! Sign up for a free online library card using this link: https://www.hpl.ca/online-registration

Once you’ve signed up for a library card you can access the free online tutoring/homework help using this link:
Updated on Tuesday, April 16, 2024.
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