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In need of some extra help?

We have curated a list of tutors that are available for hire within our community. Please note, Sir Allan MacNab provides this list as a courtesy only. We do not necessarily endorse or recommend any of the tutors on the list.

The list of tutors can be found using the link below.

SAM Tutoring List


Free Tutoring/Homework Help 

Attention MacNab students,

Need a bit of help in some of your courses? The Hamilton Public Library offers free online tutoring/homework for anyone who has a library card.

Don’t have a library card? Not a problem! Sign up for a free online library card using this link: https://www.hpl.ca/online-registration

Once you’ve signed up for a library card you can access the free online tutoring/homework help using this link:
Updated on Tuesday, October 12, 2021.
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