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Students’ Rights and Responsibilities


Students have the right to:

It is expected that students will:

  • Receive the best education and programme possible designed to meet their needs.
  • Participate in learning activities to the best of their ability.
  • Feel safe and secure from physical and verbal harassment.
  • Attend school regularly and on time.
  • Be treated in a fair and consistent manner.
  • Adhere to the school rules and regulations both in and out of the classroom and during any school sponsored event.
  • A clean and pleasant learning environment.
  • Seek help for social, emotional and academic problems.
  • Receive assistance for social, emotional and academic concerns.
  • Respect the rights, feelings and property of everyone associated with our school.
  • Accept the responsibility of their actions.


Teachers’ Rights and Responsibilities



  • Expect their students to behave in a co-operative and attentive manner.
  • Receive support from parents, administration and officials in fulfilling their duties.
  • Expect their students to be prepared in class, ie., homework, assignments and necessary equipment.
  • Exclude a student from class who is interfering with the learning of others. 


  • Prepare interesting and effective lessons for their students.
  • Treat all students in a fair and consistent manner.
  • Treat all students as individuals and attempt to meet their individual needs.
  • Provide a pleasant and friendly learning environment for their students.
  • Keep parents informed regarding the behaviour and academic progress of their children.


Parents’ Rights and Responsibilities


Parents have the right to:

  • Be informed of the academic and social progress of their child.
  • Expect the school to be conducted in an organized manner.
  • Expect teachers to act as “kind but firm, judicious parents”.
  • Be provided with an educational programme designed to meet the individual needs of their children.
  • Have their children receive an education in a warm, pleasant and secure learning environment.

It is expected that parents will:

  • Send their children to school properly prepared to take part in the school programme.
  • Ensure that their children attend school regularly and on time.
  • Be actively involved in supporting and assisting the education of their children both at home and in school.
  • Encourage their children to become involved in the total school programme.
  • Communicate with the school regarding the progress of their children.
Updated on Thursday, November 12, 2015.
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