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Welcome to our Parents Information Page!

Please note that Covid-19 Protocols override all regular procedures. Elementary Site Specific Plan

You will see on the left hand side a parent menu that we will be using to share all Dalewood Middle School information needed for parents. For example, you will see:

Please note that when you subscribe to our website to take advantage of our electronic subscriptions for weather alerts, school closures, HWDSB’s monthly newsletter, as well as school website updates, you need to verify your email via a sent email  to your account with a link that you can click that will add you to our board’s database.

  • Elementary School Course Calendar
  • Parents schools will be sending home documents and require encryption to support our privacy protocols Here is a manual on how to open an encrypted email. Parents and Guardians – Receiving Encrypted Emails v2
  • Lockers > each students has received their own locker and are required to have a lock on it by the first week of school
  • Homework > Please see individual Teacher HUB or MS Teams Homepages or contact the teacher directly
  • Late Entry or Early Dismissal > If you are arriving late or being excused early during the day, you must have your parents or guardians use School Messenger ONLY to report it. No paper notes will be accepted, but phone calls are welcome. 905-528-8631
  • Staff Online Communication Tools – All class and course information is now located in HWDSB virtual learning environment “the HUB or MS Teams.” Students can access this through the student portal link on this page or through https://home.hwdsb.on.ca/students.php
  • Student Timetables
  • Medication > Forms available at the office, must be completed if school is to monitor administration of medication. Students are not allowed to carry any prescription drug on them without the complete knowledge and permission of the office. Emergency treatment must be carried in a “fanny pack” at all times with the student.
  • Personal Property > Students must be careful in bringing any personal items to school. All personal items are the responsibility of the student. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen or “traded” items.
  • If your child rides a school bus, please check out https://hamiltonschoolbus.ca/for bus delay updates.

Parent Readings:

Homework Help Online

  • Stuck on a homework problem? Go to our Homework Online Website and we can answer your questions.
  • Ontario Educational Resource Bank > OERB  is a  free resource for Ontario students, teachers & parents with over 20,000 items covering all grades, from K-12. Please note that the username and password can be obtained from your Core teacher.
  • Welcome to Learn360, the premier website for K-12 multimedia educational resources offers students and teachers access to articles and videos to assist with our curriculum expectations. Please note that the username and password can be obtained from your Core teacher.
  • KhanAcademy: With over 3,300 videos on everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and hundreds of skills to practice, we’re on a mission to help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace.

PARENTS / VISITORS A reminder to parents/visitors to follow the Safe Schools Procedures Policy when you enter the school. Please report to the office using the front door and use the “Sign-In Book” to indicate you are in the school and obtain a visitor’s badge.

School Parking Lot Our parking lot is for staff only. Due to safety please do not use the parking lot to drop off students. We are requesting the cooperation of all our parents.

Playground Safety and Parking in the Vicinity of the School Each year in Canada, thousands of children get hurt at playgrounds playing on slides, monkey bars or swings. Click on the following link   for further details and safety tips GP playgrounds safety. The safety of children is important to everyone in our community. Pedestrian activity is traditionally more prevalent in proximity to schools particularly during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal. Click on the following link for further details Parking in the vicinity of schools.

For the safety and propriety in the learning environment, appropriate dress is required for both staff and students.

  • Clothing and shoes should be safe for class room and outdoor play.
  • Clothing should be appropriate for a school environment.
  • No suggestive language or pictures are allowed.
  • For Physical Education, the Ontario Curriculum states students are encouraged to…
    Follow safety procedures related to physical activity, equipment and facilities by displaying readiness to participate in the instructional program ie. wearing appropriate clothing.
  • running shoes
  • socks
  • shorts/track pants
  • light top
Updated on Friday, June 18, 2021.
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