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Special Education at Dalewood

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Welcome to our information page for Special Education at Dalewood.

  • Below you will find links to documents and resources and important dates. The dates for 2022-23 school year will be updated throughout the year.
  • When sending home documents electronically, we use encryption to support our privacy protocols Here is a manual on how to open an encrypted email. Parents and Guardians – Receiving Encrypted Emails v2

Quick Links:

Resources for Special Education:

Important Information:

  • Individual Education Plan (IEP) –  are reviewed each reporting period. They are also updated to reflect student needs throughout the year as needed.
  • Enrichment and Innovation Program > start dates to be announced
  • Empower Reading Program > mid-September
  • Identification Placement Review Committee meetings will be scheduled as needed
  • Annual Reviews will take place once per year
  • Math Read Ahead for Gifted Grade 8 students > December dates to be announced
  • Option Sheets are due to Dalewood signed by a parent/guardian in February 2023
Updated on Monday, March 06, 2023.
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