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Extra Curricular

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2021-22 Dalewood Clubs

Dungeons and Dragons:

  • Mr. Matic, Mr. Adeney, Ms. Diacon, Mr. Empringham, Mrs. Kuhn-Stewart, Mr. McHarg, M.Romanowitch

Poetry Club:

  • M.Romanowitch

Mathematics Club – Grade 8s and Gauss Math – Grade 6-8:

  • Mme Parsons

Art Club:

  • Ms. Brown and Ms. Alatepe

Drama Club:

  • Mr. Adeney


  • Mr. McHarg

Dalewood Safe Space Group:

  • Mrs. Kuhn-Stewart


  • Ms. Coburn

2021-22 Dalewood Athletics

Uniforms are available for purchase:

  • Printed T-shirt $14
  • Dalewood Shorts $18
  • Whole Package Deal $32

Cross-Country/Running Club:

  • Mr. Empringham and Mrs. Kuhn-Stewart


  • Jr Boys –  Mr. Empringham
  • Sr Boys – M. Boissonneault
  • Jr Girls – Mrs. Kuhn-Stewart
  • Sr Girls – Mr. DiFelice


  • Varsity Boys: M. Romanowitch
  • Varsity Girls: M. Boissonneault

Intramural Badminton:

  • Mrs. Kuhn-Stewart, Ms. Alatepe, Mme Parsons, Mr. Adeney, Mr. McHarg, M. Romanowitch


  • Sr.Girls  -Mr. Empringham
  • Sr. Boys – M. Boissonneault, M.Romanowitch, Mr. Benoit
  • Jr. Boys – Mr. Empringham
  • Jr. Girls – M. Boissonneault, M. Bozic, M. Romanowitch, Mr. Benoit

Track and Field:

  • M. Boissonneault, Mr

2021-22 Dalewood Special Events

Terry Fox Run:

  • Mme Parsons


Winter Fun Day, Soccer World Cup, Spirit Days

Updated on Friday, May 20, 2022.
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