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Welcome to the Dalewood Staff for 2020-21

*Please note that it is at the discretion of the staff to provide their email. Staff can always be reached at 905-528-8631 or through MS Teams.

*Please note that students have access to the HUB for classroom lessons, dates, resources etc. Student login with their own username and password at https://students.hwdsb.on.ca/. Here is a HUB manual to assist with navigation. The HUB and LRT Online Course @ Dalewood


Room Name Email  Staff Assignment
Office Ms. Jacqueline (Jackie) Johnson Principal
Office Mrs. M. Mason (LTO is TBA) Office Administrator
133 Ms. Sylvia Aparicio Head Caretaker
133 Mr. Angelo Lucci Caretaker
133 Mr. Steven Romanuk Caretaker
133 Mrs. Ilona Nemeth Caretaker
Mr. C. Bayley EA
Mrs. M. Jongsma (LTO is Rebecca Fapuro) EA
221 Mr. B. Adams Email Grade 8
129 Ms. A. Brown Art 678 and French Core
132 Ms.  L. Coburn Email


Learning Resource (Enrichment, Empower, Student Support in class and via the HUB etc.)
105 Mrs. N. Diacon Grade 7/8A & 678 Science
Gym Mr. C. DiFelice Health and Physical Education
220 Ms. S. Dawson Grade 6
227 Mr. D. Romanowitch Grade 6/7 French Immersion
222 Ms. Fargiorgio (LTO) in for Mrs. Radke Grade 6/7
226 Ms. A. Parsons Grade 7 French Immersion
128 Mr. K. McHarg Grade 7 Core & 78 Music
132 Ms. Miron (.5) ESL
228 Mme. L. McAuslan (LTO is Alexander Mesquita) Grade 8 French Immersion
131 Ms. T.  Kovljenic SICC Special Education
203 Mr. M. Matic Grade 7/8B
105 Ms. S. Beckerson Art
Updated on Tuesday, September 29, 2020.
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