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Homework and Information Help

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  1. Register for free Homework Help.
  2. HWDSB Student Online Links -Please note the change in the address for accessing student platforms. https://students.hwdsb.on.ca/
  3. Students can use voilalearning.com for online homework help. To help students learn from home during the COVID 19 pandemic, our teachers are connected on the Virtual Campus from: 5pm to 8pm. Find out how to enroll your child now.
  4. Please note that every Dalewood student has been registered for our Learning Resource – L. Coburn Support HUB Course. Here you can collaborate with peers, seek Grade 6 & 8 transition info, access extended learning, seek videos, lessons and tutorials on all subject areas. Ms. Coburn can be located online at the HUB and in Room 132. (Note if you do not see the course when you click on the waffle at the top email me at lcoburn@hwdsb.on.ca and I will register you.)
Updated on Friday, June 18, 2021.
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