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Information Regarding Provincial Literacy Testing – OSSLT

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Information Regarding Provincial Literacy Testing – OSSLT

On Thursday, March 30, students across Ontario will be writing the Provincial Literacy Test. This test is for all Grade 10 students, and any Grade 11 or 12 student that has not yet met this important graduation requirement. To prepare for this test, Grade 9 students will be writing a Practice Literacy Test on Thursday morning.

All students writing the Literacy Test or Practice Test should be in their test rooms before 8:25 am. A list of Literacy Test rooms is posted in the main office. Grade 9s will be writing in their Period 1 classes.

Grade 11 and 12 students who are not writing the test should sign-in for independent study in the cafeteria during Periods 1 and 2. Grade 9 students will be in the auditorium for an assembly during Period 2.

Regular classes for ALL students will take place in the afternoon.

We will be having a modified bell schedule on Thursday to accommodate the test. Please see attachments.

OSSLT BELL SCHEDULE (MAR 30, 2017) Room Changes for OSSLT (Mar 30)

Updated on Friday, August 25, 2017.
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