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Additional Supports

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This site super helpful for practicing fractions and is applicable for multiple grade levels. It starts with representing and comparing and then goes on to operations. It is interactive and gives an explanation if mistakes are made.


TVO Mathify Blog

Here your grade 7 and 8 student can receive tutoring support.  It requires a login and password.  We can assist with acquiring a login and password.  Please have your child talk with their Math Teacher or the Principal.


A Parent’s Guide to the Fundamentals of Math



Gap Closing resources are designed for students who need additional support in mathematics. For each topic in the resource, there is a diagnostic and a set of intervention materials. Diagnostics are designed to uncover the typical problems students have with a specific topic.


EQAO Examples of Assessment Booklets and Scoring Guides

Examples of the Assessments: Grade 6, Junior Division, 2​018
Assessment Booklets and Scoring Guides


That Quiz


Allows students to practice facts revolving around integers, fractions, concepts and geometry. Difficulty level can be changed by the student and accuracy and time are the focus.

Ontario Association for Mathematics Education


Interactive practice revolving around fraction knowledge. Starts with simple representations and moves on to operations with fractions.



Videos, lessons and activities revolving around math concepts such as integers, fractions, patterns, etc.

Kahn Academy


Videos of concepts and practice questions. Is helpful for  parents wanting to gain greater knowledge about math concepts.

Updated on Tuesday, March 26, 2019.
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