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Bell Times

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We operate a balanced day schedule; three 100 minute blocks with two nutrition breaks.

Nutrition Breaks:
Each nutrition break will be 40 minutes in length. The first 20 minutes will be different for primary/junior students than it will be for middle school students.

Primary/Junior – Students go outside for first twenty minutes and then come in to eat.

Middle School – Students eat for the first twenty minutes and then go outside.

All students will be expected to stay at school for the first nutrition break, and may go home for lunch during the second nutrition break, provided that this parental expectation is communicated to the school.

Daily Schedule
8:40 Entry Bell; Instruction Begins
8:40-10:20 Periods 1 and 2
10:20-11:00 First Nutrition Break (all students stay at school)
11:00-12:40 Periods 3 and 4
12:40 – 1:20 Second Nutrition Break (students may go home.)
1:20 – 3:00 Periods 5 and 6
3:00 Dismissal


**Please note that supervision on the playground begins fifteen minutes before the school day and ends fifteen minutes following the school day.  Please do not send your students to school prior to 8:45, as they will be unsupervised.
Updated on Wednesday, September 08, 2021.
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