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The importance of punctuality will be enforced in the following manner:

  • after three lates – a phone call from the homeroom teacher
  • after six lates – a letter from the office will be sent home
  • after nine lates – a meeting with parent, child and principal to activate a plan for change
  • after twelve lates – escalating consequences as per principal’s discretion

If there is a need for your child to leave the school during the school day, a written note, signed by a custodial parent, must be provided to the principal. An authorized Excuse Slip can be issued to the student.

Upon arrival at school, students should proceed directly to the playground. When the bell rings, students enter through their designated entry doors. Consistent with HWDSB Policy and Legislation requirements, teachers will provide supervision on the playground 15 minutes before classes commence and 15 minutes after classes are dismissed at the end of the day.

Pick-up and drop off at the front of the school is reserved for the school bus and taxis. Parents are encouraged to obey the street signs and school parking lots. City By-Law Officers will be enforcing these rules and issuing tickets.

Updated on Wednesday, April 25, 2018.
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