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Policies and Procedures

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Medication and Medical Emergency Information

Consistent with HWDSB policy, it a parent responsibility to inform the school Principal in writing of any medical concern a student may have. Consistent with the Board policy, parents are required to have all necessary medical forms and documentation completed by the family doctor and returned to the Principal before any medication will be administered at the school. “Administration of Medications” authorization forms may be obtained at the school office.

Consistent with HWDSB policy, the school may be required, with parental input, to develop a medical plan to address specific medical concerns. Such medical concerns may include epilepsy, asthma requiring the use of puffers at school, EpiPen use, and allergies that could require emergency medical attention etc.

Consent to Photograph Forms/Internet User Forms

Throughout the school year students and staff may become engaged in a number of projects that require photos, including school photographs. Consistent with HWDSB policy, parents are required to complete the appropriate “Consent to Photograph” form giving the school permission to have their daughter/son’s picture taken.

At times the Ontario Curriculum requires students to access information on the Internet. Accordingly, parents are required to complete an “Internet User” form giving the school permission to have their daughter/son access information over the Internet, and requiring that the student agree to an understand the terms of use for the computers.  Violation of this agreement may result in the student’s computer privileges being temporarily suspended.


In most cases students will receive a locker at the school in which to store materials during the day. Students and parents are reminded that the lockers are the property of the school and will be accessed by school staff should the need arise. Students are encouraged to purchase a quality combination lock to secure their locker during the day and to take pride and ownership in the overall appearance of the locker. Locker combinations are to be provided to the classroom teacher.

Custody/Access to Information

In custody issues, to ensure the privacy and safety of students, parents are encouraged to provide the principal with copies of custody access agreements that can be placed in the Ontario Student Record .

Visitors and Volunteers at Huntington Park School

Consistent with HWDSB policy, and the Safe Schools Act, any individual other than a student at the school or staff member, is required to report to the office upon entering into the school. As a reminder to all of our parents, this entry is to be made at the FRONT ENTRANCE to the school. Our secretary will be pleased to assist you and to arrange to have your child meet you in the office area if necessary.

Any person who receives permission to enter the main body of the school, is required to sign in on a registry and to wear a Visitor or Volunteer nametag while in the school. All persons in the school or on school property are obliged to demonstrate behaviours that are consistent with the Ontario Schools Code of Conduct and with the “Access to Premises” legislation.

Consistent with HWDSB policy, all volunteers must undergo a background police check. For further information contact the school office.

Emergency Closure of Schools

In the event of an emergency, schools within the HWDSB could be closed. Generally these closures are weather related. In such instances parents/guardians are reminded to listen to the local radio stations for up-to-date information. The HWDSB will provide the local media with information relating to school closures and necessary transportation arrangements. There is also the potential for individual schools to experience an emergency such as a breakdown in the heating system, a burst water pipe etc. Students will receive an “Emergency Information” form in September which will be completed and returned to the school. In cases of emergencies, the school will then have the necessary information readily available.

Updated on Wednesday, April 25, 2018.
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