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Student Expectations

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Huntington Park School Student Expectations

The goal of Huntington Park School teachers is to develop responsible students. Academic responsibilities include completing work accurately, according to expectations, with care, and on time. It is understood that students may miss some school during the year due to illness, emergencies, vacations or other important events. Please be aware that all work is still expected to be completed. This is the responsibility of the student. If students are aware that they will be absent, they should see their teachers for work prior to their absence, so they will not be behind when they return to school.

Some issues that arise are as follows:

  • Incomplete homework
  • Assignments/projects that are incomplete, late or not submitted
  • Plagiarism

To improve student success, the following Student Expectations have been developed:

  1. Students are to bring their agendas to school and every class daily.
  2. Daily homework is expected to be completed. All projects are due on the assigned due date. Assignments will not be accepted once the other students’ work has been graded and returned.
  3. If it is proven that a student has copied the work of another, whether it be on a test or an assignment, or has plagiarized any portion of an assignment, the parents/guardians will be contacted. The student will receive a grade of “zero” for that test/assignment.

To assist students in meeting these expectations, teachers support them by offering:

  • class time for all assigned work (if there is a lot of homework coming home, this may indicate the student is misusing class time)
  • before and after school help (by appointment with the teacher)
  • homework club once a week for catch up or assistance
  • a central calendar in the hallway and homework boards in every classroom as a reminder of assignments, tests and due dates.

**Participation in all activities is dependent upon students adhering to the Student Expectations and Ontario School Code of Conduct.

Updated on Wednesday, April 25, 2018.
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