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Lunchroom Expectations

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Lunchtime supervision is provided for students who stay at school during the nutrition breaks.

Lunchroom Helpers are available to assist Teacher Supervisors in the Kindergarten to Grade 5 classrooms. Students are expected to co-operate with Lunchroom helpers and supervising staff.

Students who remain at school for lunch are required to complete a “Lunchroom Information Form” and return it to their teacher within the first week of school or upon registration (if newly admitted to the school).

Students who regularly eat lunch at school must provide a note from parents or guardians each time they are to be excused for the lunch period.

Students will eat in their regularly assigned seat in their classroom. Eating time is 20 minutes with the last 5 minutes for clean up before the beginning of academic programming.  In case of rain or severe weather conditions, students will eat in the first twenty minutes and go outside for the next twenty minutes.

Proper table manners and quiet conversation are to be maintained at all times.

Students are encouraged to bring nutritious lunches and snacks for the day.

Huntington Park is a PEANUT SAFE SCHOOL. Please check ingredient lists on all packages for peanuts products or for the phrase “May contain traces of peanuts”. Parents are discouraged from bringing in fast-food lunches as these foods may not meet the requirements of our peanut safe policy.

Milk may be purchased at the second nutrition break only.

Students are responsible for cleaning up their own garbage and leaving their eating area and surrounding floor space clean.

Garbage or recycle materials are to be placed in appropriate containers provided in the classroom.

No glass containers are allowed.

Uneaten food from lunch may be eaten at the next nutrition break or taken home. NO FOOD OR DRINK IS ALLOWED OUTSIDE at RECESS!

At the end of the eating period students proceed to their lockers to return their lunchbags in preparation for academic programming. Washrooms are to be used before going outdoors.

Playground boundries and rules are expected to be followed.

Students who go home for lunch or who have permission to be out at lunch are expected to return to school for the afternoon and join their classmates on the playground or their designated classroom in the case of indoor lunch recess.

Lunchtime is within the regular school day and all school rules apply:

  1. Keep your hands to yourself
  2. Keep your feet on the ground
  3. Watch what you say and how you say it

Students must demonstrate behaviour that is consistent with the Ontario Schools Code of Conduct. As a general rule, behaviour should be appropriate for a classroom environment and students are required to demonstrate respect, responsibility and sensitivity to others.

Students who do not co-operate or comply with the expectations should expect the following consequences:

  • Incident Report
  • Problem solving intervention
  • Principal and parental involvement to activate a plan for change after three (3) Incident Reports
  • Alternate lunchroom placement
  • Temporary withdrawal or suspension from the lunchroom programme will be enforced as needed.
Updated on Wednesday, April 25, 2018.
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