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Fundraising at Bellmoore School is conducted from a combination of school organized and School Council organized fundraisers.  All proceeds from our fundraising events goes to support one of the following established priorities, as set by the School Council.

Technology:  In the 21st Century, our students learn different and experience life differently than we did.  Students need access to the learning tools our students are used to.  While we have “Pods” in some classes with computers, these rooms are shared amongst large groups of students.  Portable and hand held technologies are the way students learn and provide equity of access to information.

Engagement:  To engage our learners and our families, we need to have relevant, interesting materials for them to learn from.  Research says that a regular classroom needs around 1000 titles in it to promote and sustain student reading.  Engaging families in “nightly reading” is one way to involve families, easily, in their child’s education.  Incentives will help sustain student interest and buy-in.

Program:  The curriculum and student program is what drives any school.  Teachers are expected to be “generalists” and teach a variety of subjects, even if they have no formal training in that subject area.  That is when we call upon experts and outside providers to give students new  experiences and to help build teacher capacity in areas where they may not be comfortable.  Some specialized programs and equipment are also needed for some of our students with special needs.  The Sensory Room is an example of this and is accessed by a growing number of students.

School Run Events

Food Days and Popcorn Days

For Nutrition and Allergen Information for the products we sell, please click on the images below.

pita pit Pizza-pizza-logo from farm to table

School Council Events

Updated on Monday, February 12, 2018.
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