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Academics & Mental Wellness

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The expectations identified for each grade describe the knowledge and skills that students are expected to develop and demonstrate in their class work, tests and various other activities on which their achievement is assessed. Teachers will use their professional judgment in deciding which instructional methods will foster the learning described in the expectations.  Visit:  www.edu.gov.on.ca.



All HWDSB students will feel safe, supported and accepted. At the core of HWDSB’s Strategic Direction, we believe that people do well if they can. At Bellmoore, we are committed to supporting the Mental Wellness and Social Emotional Education of our students through; respectful and responsive approaches, equitable and inclusive practices as well as safe and   accepting environments. Skill Building Curriculums are integrated into the culture and classrooms that teach our students to self-regulate, problem solve and think socially. Such programs focus to establish a common language for students, staff and the Bellmoore community that promote proactive skill building, expected behaviour as well as availability of tools, strategies and resources for all. In addition, direct  instruction of mindfulness techniques and strategies are integrated into classroom programs and routines to enhance the social and emotional development, learning and engagement of participating students.



Kindness has become a focus, daily at Bellmoore Elementary.  Whether it is quote or a story shared over the Morning Announcements, staff and students are being reminded of the importance of being kind to oneself and to others, not only at school but always.  It is a trait that is woven throughout the learning day to add warmth, inclusion and safety into the learning environment.



Homework can provide practice that reinforces classroom learning and provide opportunities for independent study, research and creative thinking. Parents can help their children by arranging time, a quiet work place and by seeing that assignments are completed.



Field trips are organized to enhance the curriculum and, as such, are part of the school program. Notice about all class trips will be sent home in advance. In order for your child to participate, written confirmation is required to ensure that parental permission has been granted and that parents are aware of the details of the trip. The cost for such trips is kept as low as possible and it is expected that all students will participate. Subsidies are available on request. Students who, with parental support, have chosen not to participate in a trip or activity that takes place in school time are still expected to attend school, as alternate activities will be provided. Parents should note that trip forms and payment cannot be accepted the day of the trip unless the student has been absent for several days prior to the trip or advance arrangements have been made with the teacher. We are required to provide the bus company and destination with the number of students attending and it is difficult to be accurate with too many late forms. You must have a Vulnerable Sector Police Check to volunteer on school trips. Police Checks are valid for 3 years with the HWDSB. An Offence Declaration must be signed at the School Office each year between police checks.



The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board has an Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting Policy  (June 2012) based on the Growing Success document.  Details of the Policy and Policy Directive are available on the board website.

Students are responsible for providing evidence of learning through tests, demonstrations, projects, presentations and assignments within established timelines.

¨ Students are responsible to ensure that the evidence of learning they provide is their own work, not the result of cheating or plagiarism.

There are consequences for cheating, plagiarizing, submitting work late, or not submitting work.

Updated on Tuesday, January 05, 2021.
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