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Staff 2020 – 2021

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Staff at Bellmoore Elementary School are an energetic, talented and committed group of individuals. Through careful recruitment and selection the school has assembled a staff with excellent qualifications and sound experience. Through ongoing training and development activities staff continually upgrade their qualifications and expertise. This continuous improvement in skills and expertise ensures the delivery of quality education to our students.

Currently staff are under constant pressure to facilitate changes in the delivery of education, brought about by a major shift in how education services are being funded and structured. At the present time staff are incurring a major commitment of time and energy to implement the new curriculum and standards initiated by the Education Improvement Commission, through the Ministry of Education and Training.

Staff at the school are represented by four unions operating under four collective agreements. Collective agreements are negotiated on a region-wide basis through the collective bargaining process to ensure harmonious and productive management relationships.

Under the general guidance of the principal, staff uses a team approach to coordinate teaching. Through a series of committee and staff meetings, staff plan and coordinate their activities and exchange student information.


Below you will find a list of the current staff.  To access the classroom link, click on the teacher name.

 **Please note that not all teachers have links to their classrooms and some classroom websites are password protected.  Please contact your child’s teacher for the password if required.

                                                         2020/2021 Staff List 

Class Name
Kindergarten (FDK) Mrs. Brooks & Ms. Deane
Kindergarten (FDK) Mrs. Serkus & Ms. Millen
Kindergarten (FDK) Mrs. Prohaszka & Mrs. Young
Kindergarten (FDK) Mrs. Mestekemper & Mrs. Schneidersmann
Kindergarten (FDK) Mrs. Love-Stirling (LTO Ms. deJonge/Mrs. Bremner  &
Mrs. Young-Callaghan
Kindergarten (FDK) Mrs. Bilowus & Mrs. Stinson
Grade 1 Ms. Minnett
Grade 1 Ms. Piedmonte
Grade 1 Ms. Prong
Grade 1 Ms. Lohchab
Grade 1 Mrs. Zenone
Grade 2 Mrs. Donn
Grade 2 Mrs. Andric
Grade 2 Mrs. J. Smith
Grade 2  Mrs. D. Smith
Grade 2/3 Mrs. Jelly
Grade 3 Ms. Reid
Grade 3 Ms. Qureshi
Grade 3 Ms. Leavens
Grade 3 Mr. Mr. Plant
Grade 3/4 Mr. Hammond
Grade 4 Ms. Casale
Grade 4 Mrs. Lees
Grade 4 Mr. Tyrell
Grade 4/5 Mrs. Angle/Mrs. Pidberezny
Grade 5 Mrs. Busch
Grade 5 Mrs. Cronsberry & Ms. Noble
Grade 5 Mx. Sierdsma
Grade 6 Mrs. Rau
Grade 6 Ms. Watson
Grade 6 Mrs. Kuttenkeuler
Grade 6/7 Mrs. Armstrong
Grade 7 Mrs. Rayment
Grade 7 Mrs. Dalgleish
Grade 7 Ms. McCoy
Grade 8 Mr. Alagappan
Grade 8 Mr. Scott
Grade 8 Mme Scornianchi
ASD Ms. Taylor & Ms. Oleniacz
Ms. Walton & Ms. Trajkovska
French Mme Perri
French Mme Scornianchi
French Mme Lukic
Media Literacy, Library Mrs. Pidberezny
Physical Education & Health Ms. Puddicombe
Physical Education & Health Mr. Karamath
Learning Resource Ms. Contant
Learning Resource Mrs. Shewfelt
Learning Resource and Prep Coverage Mrs. Sherriff (LTO Ms. Biggs)
Music Mrs. Ledroit (LTO Mr. Bigas)
Music Mrs. Harder
Reading Specialist Mrs. Birkby
Educational Assistant Ms. Tuite
Educational Assistant Mrs. Polillo
Educational Assistant Ms. Campbell
Educational Assistant Ms. Wardrope
Educational Assistant Ms. Rothwell
Educational Assistant Mrs. Sumner
Educational Assistant Ms. Rowles
Educational Assistant Ms. McNally
Educational Assistant Mr. Alderman
Office Administrator Mrs. Fidanza
Office Assistant Mrs. Rounce
Office Assistant Ms. Jouvence
Vice Principal Mrs. White
Co Principal Mrs. Burnagiel
Principal Mrs. Mochrie


Updated on Tuesday, June 29, 2021.
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