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Norwood Park
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Bell Times

8:55 AM - 3:15 PM

French Immersion

French Immersion is available.


EQAO Results


Rhonda Moules - 905-575-9808 | Email


Nicola Giles | Email


Angela Ferguson - 905.527.5092 x 2304 | E-mail Angela Ferguson


Becky Buck - 905.515.2367 | E-mail Becky Buck

Our Staff

Teaching Staff

Mme Margariti
Mme Collins
Mme DeWolfe
Mme Bernal
Mme Huffman
Mme Lane
Mme Galacher
Mlle Morgan (LTO for Mme Gualtieri)
Mlle Long
Mme Thompson
Mme MacLean
Mme Amoah
Mme Lardi (LTO for Mme Amodeo)
Mme DeSourdy
Mme Lundy
Mr. Bullard (LTO for Mme Hempseed)
Mr. Schneiderman
Mme McCluskey (LTO for Mme Anderson)
Mme Montpetit
Mme El-Dorra
Mme Weatherley (LTO for Mme Gordon)
Mme Vrgoc
Mme Dube
Mr. Bozic (LTO for Mme Hairston)

Mme Bianchi
Mme Bodner
Mme Pugliese
Mme Chiaravalle
Mme Robinson(LTO for Mme Hlahla, LTO for Mr. Lemmond)
Mme Muir
Mme MacMaster

Mme Brush – Reading Specialist

Educational Assistants

Mme Besser
Mme Bloom (LTO for Mme Jubani)


Office Administrators


Mme Finlay
Mme Beattie


Custodial Staff


Mr. Bowker
Mr. Schlarb
Mme Wark


Updated on Monday, December 16, 2019.
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