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Home and School

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What is Home & School?

H&S is an independent, parent-driven organization committed to supporting public education and promoting the welfare of children and youth. Home & School strives to give parents an understanding of schools and to be informed, constructive partners with educators.

Home & School Associations have been active in Ontario since 1896. In 1916 the Ontario Federation of Home & School Associations (OFHSA) was organized – the first provincial Home & School Federation in Canada.

The first Home & School Association in Hamilton was formed in 1927 at G. R. Allan School. By 1933 there were five associations: G. R. Allan, Ryerson, Earl Kitchener, Stinson and Brantdale. In November of 1933 the Hamilton Council was formed.

What does Home & School Provide?:

    • A forum for parents, teachers, and principals to share their points of view
    • A communications link with other parents in the community
    • A source of information about education and other issues which affect young people
    • A self directed group, not dependent on the school staff’s initiative and time
    • A professional development opportunity for parents
    • A provincially recognized voice for parents with students in Ontario’s public schools
    • A connection with your local school board through the Home & School Council
    • An appropriate mechanism to bring parents concerns to the attention of the Ministry of Education, and other relevant Ministries.

Home & School representatives participate on many other committees of the HWDSB including:

    • French Immersion Advisory Committee
    • Special Education Advisory Committee
    • Innovation & Partnership
    • Communications
    • Learning Opportunities
    • The steering committee of the Educational Archives and Heritage Centre

About Membership

  • Membership is open to all persons interested in the welfare of children and youth, and who support the beliefs of Home & School as set out in the constitution and policy statements.
  • Individual or family memberships are $20 per year.
  • Once formed, each association has a $100 liability insurance fee annually.
  • Includes membership in OFHSA (Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations) and the Canadian Federation of Home and Schools.
  • Includes liability insurance coverage.
Updated on Wednesday, September 22, 2021.
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