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Norwood Park

Staff List

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Class Teacher Blog Class Teacher Blog
F1A M Playfair Classroom Blog F5A Mme Anderson/Mme Salloum
F1B Mme DeWolfe   F5B Mme Daniel
F1C Mme Huffman Classroom Blog F5C M Schneiderman
F1D Mme Margariti Classroom Blog
F6A Mme Stojadinovic
RF1/2A M Comstock F6B Mme Hrymak
F2A Mme Gallacher  Classroom Blog F7A Mme Gordon
F2B Mme Lane   F7B Mme Vrgoc
F2C Mme Schilthuis   F7/8A Mme Hairston
F2D Mme Collins   F8A Mme Dube
F3A Mme Thompson   LRT Mme Bianchi
F3B Mme Bechard Classroom Blog MUSIC Mme Bodner Classroom Blog
F3C Mme Long PE/H M Lemmond/Mme Schell
F4A Mme Amodeo   CE Mme Chiaravalle/Mme Pugliese
F4B Mme Lundy  Classroom Blog Prep Mme MacMaster
F4C Mme Amoah Read. Spec. Mme Dubchak
EA Mme Powell/Mme Jubani
Head Caretaker M Bowker
Principal Mme Moules Caretaker Mme DeLeeuw
VP Mme Barlow Caretaker Mme Mercer
Office Administrator Mrs. Russell
Office Assistant Ms. Wilson

Updated September 22/21

Updated on Monday, March 21, 2022.
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