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Visit: www.2056.ca

Team 2056 is a FIRST robotics team that participates in events across the U.S and Canada. Last year Team 2056 went to three events in Oshawa, Windsor, and Waterloo. Lead by Orchard Park teacher Mr. Hunter and engineering mentor Tyler Holtzman, the team managed to win the regional events in both Oshawa and Windsor, but sadly lost in Waterloo. 2056 advanced to the World Championships in St. Louis, winning the Tesla Division. Orchard Park went on to lead the 2nd  place alliance to the finals. Unfortunately the team lost due to a penalty in the very last game, played on the Einstein Field, in front of over 20,000 spectators.

Team 2056 teaches engineering, business, and computer skills to high school students.  They also learn teamwork and gracious professionalism throughout the competition. They built a robot to play FIRST Stronghold. The team finished their regional winning streak with 23 wins across 10 years. 2056 is preparing for the new build season beginning in January.

Orchard Park Robotics 2056 Waterloo Ontario Robotics Competition Chairman's Winner

OP Robotics 2056 Waterloo Ontario Robotics Competition Chairman’s Winner

Updated on Friday, May 11, 2018.
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