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Orchard Park

Homework OnTrack

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Teacher in charge:  Mrs. Angela Zychowicz (azychowi@hwdsb.on.ca)

Homework OnTrack welcomes Orchard Park students in grades 9 and 10 for the opportunity to complete their current course work after school with or without assistance.  Tutor assistance is available at no charge at each session if needed.  Tutors are academically strong senior Orchard Park students who model excellent learning skills and work habits.  Teachers who are qualified to teach English and Mathematics are available to assist students to build Literacy and Math skills. 

Historical data shows that students who attend regularly and seek the assistance they need have a higher success rate in the courses they work on at OnTrack.

Please note that students who participate may leave early when they are completed their work.  Transportation home is the responsibility of the student and families.

2018 / 2019 Session Dates:

Semester 1: Monday September 24th to Wednesday January 23rd

Semester 2: Monday February 25th to Wednesday June 19th

Sessions run Monday to Friday in the Learning Commons.

2:15 to 3:30pm

Students and Tutors register at their first session.

Updated on Thursday, July 05, 2018.
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