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Welcome to the Dalewood 2018-2019 Staff page > Please note that it is at the discretion of the staff to provide their email. Staff can always be reached at 905-528-8631.

Room Name Email  Staff Assignment
Office Mr. Eddie Grattan Principal
Office Mrs. M. Mason Office Assistant
Office Mrs. D. Jeffrey Office Assistant
Office Mr. Stanley Furneaux Head Caretaker
Office Mr. Steven Romanuk Caretaker
Office Mrs. Ilona Nemeth Caretaker
Office Mr. Jeff Thar Caretaker
143 Ms. J. Singh EA
143 Mrs. H. Clements EA
TBA Mrs. M. Jongsma EA
221 Mr. B. Adams Email 7A Language, Math, Library, Drama/Dance, History/Geography, F78 and F8 English
204 Mme. J. Brown (LTO: Ms. K. Wong) F8 Language, Math, Library, History/Geography, Science and 8A French Core and SICC Math
128/Learning Commons/Gym/Art 141 Ms. Coburn Email


Learning Resource and F6 Physical Education and Library/Learning Commons Lead
128 Mrs. S. Croke 0.7 Learning Resource
106 Mrs. N. Diacon  https://sites.google.com/site/mrsdiaconswebpage/ 6B Language, Library, Drama/Dance, Social Studies. Science and 678 Science and 6A Drama/Dance
Gym/ 105 Mr. C. DiFelice Physical Education 6, 7 & 8 and Literacy Support SICC.
141 Mr. J. Elston Art 6, 7 & 8
220 Mrs. L. Finlayson 6A Language, Math, Library, Social Studies, 6B Math and F6 Core English
224 Mme . L. Halmagean F67 Language, Math, Library, Social Studies, History/Geography, Science and 6B and 7A Core French
222 Mr. P. Martindale  Email 8A Language, Math, Library, Drama/Dance, History/Geography , 7B and 8B History/Geography, 8B Math and SICC Drama/Dance/Math.
223 Mme. L. Mason- Grant  Email F6 Language, Math, Library, Social Studies, Drama/Dance, Science and F67, F78 and F8 Drama Dance and 6A Core French
203 Mr. K. Mayner 7B Language, Math, Library, Drama/Dance, Health and Phys Ed and 7A PE and F67 Core English
132 Ms. Miron ESL
225 Mme. L. McAuslan F78 Language, Math, Library, History/Geography, Science and 7B and 8B Core French
143 Mrs. D. Szabo SICC Special Education
113 Mr. S. Wheeldon 8B Language, Library, Drama/Dance, Music and 678 Music
Updated on Tuesday, September 04, 2018.
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