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Gr. 9 Registration

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We are looking forward to connecting with our future ‘Waterdown Warriors’ throughout the coming school year.  Key events and dates are outlined in our ‘Road to Waterdown District High School’ document.

**Course selections for the upcoming school year**

Current grade 8 HWDSB students are asked to complete the 2 steps outlined below

Step 1: Complete a course selection/option sheet and submit it to the dropbox in the WDHS Guidance class on your HUB

Course selection sheets (option sheets) will be completed on-line this year if you are a current HWDSB student.

Watch the instructional video below to learn how to complete “Step 1”.


Step 2: Enter your course selections into Xello (on-line course planner)

Enter the course selections you made on your options sheet into our computer system using Xello.

Watch the instructional video below to learn how to complete “Step 2”.


Students from outside HWDSB can also download a copy of our grade 9 course selection sheet and registration form using the links below.

Course descriptions are available at this link WDHS Course Descriptions.

Completed registration packages should be submitted to the Student Services department at WDHS by  Friday, February 19, 2021.  Please email completed forms to lkennedy@hwdsb.on.ca

Grade 8 students entering grade 9 in September may also complete an interest survey.  Be sure to check out the ‘Get Active Brochure’.

We look forward to welcoming all the grade 8’s to WDHS and hope that you participate in as many of the scheduled events as possible.

Recording of Grade 7/8 Information Night held on November 25, 2020

Updated on Thursday, February 11, 2021.
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